Sales and Use Tax Policy

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Sales and Use Tax Policy

Sears Marketplace will charge, collect, and remit applicable state and local sales and use taxes to the appropriate jurisdictions for all orders shipped to customers in the following states beginning with orders placed on the dates in the table below.

StateBeginning on
PennsylvaniaApr. 1, 2018
WashingtonJan. 25, 2018
Rhode IslandJan. 25, 2018
OklahomaOct. 5, 2018
AlabamaOct 5, 2018
South CarolinaNov. 1, 2018
New JerseyNov. 1, 2018
ConnecticutDec. 2, 2018
IowaJan. 8, 2019
South DakotaMarch 1, 2019
Washington, D.C.April 2, 2019
IdahoJune 4, 2019
ArkansasJuly 1, 2019
IndianaJuly 1, 2019
KentuckyJuly 1, 2019
New MexicoJuly 1, 2019
VirginiaJuly 1, 2019
West VirginiaJuly 1, 2019
WyomingJuly 1, 2019
New YorkSept 3, 2019
OhioSept 10, 2019
VermontSept 10, 2019
CaliforniaOct 1, 2019
KansasOct 1, 2019
MassachusettsOct 1, 2019
North DakotaOct 1, 2019
ArizonaOct 1, 2019
ColoradoOct 1, 2019
MaineOct 1, 2019
MarylandOct 1, 2019
NevadaOct 1, 2019
TexasOct 1, 2019
UtahOct 1, 2019
WisconsinOct 1, 2019
MinnesotaOct 10, 2019
IllinoisJan 1, 2020
HawaiiJan 1, 2020
MichiganJan 1, 2020
North CarolinaFeb 6, 2020
GeorgiaApr 8, 2020
LouisianaJul 1, 2020
MississippiJul 15, 2020
TennesseeOct 5, 2020
FloridaJuly 1, 2021
NebraskaJuly 6, 2021

*Anticipated date.  This page will be updated once tax changes have been implemented on our sites with the date of the implementation.

Additional states will be added pursuant to changes in individual states’ tax law.  Additionally, Sears Marketplace collects state and local sales and use tax on purchases of merchandise in jurisdictions where the Marketplace Seller indicates it has a tax remittance and filing obligation.

Marketplace Sellers should visit their business account profile located within the Seller Portal and select which additional taxing jurisdictions Sears Marketplace will charge and collect tax in. Except for the states listed above, Sears Marketplace will not add tax on sales unless the Seller selects additional jurisdictions in their business account profile.

For quick reference, for each of the below states sales tax will be collected and remitted to the seller if the seller selects the additional jurisdictions in their business account profile:
New Hampshire

Please note that it is extremely important for every Seller to indicate the jurisdictions in which they are currently subject to tax. Any failure on part of the Seller to collect and remit state and local sales and use tax in jurisdictions in which they are subject to a legal tax remittance and reporting requirement may result in the Seller incurring a tax liability in that jurisdiction.

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