Negotiation of Returns and Exchanges

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Negotiation of Returns and Exchanges

Returns and exchanges between Sellers and Members are outlined in the Seller’s return policy. Every Seller has the option of providing a customized return and exchange policy in the Seller Portal or defaulting to the Sears return and exchange policy by leaving the space blank. When situations arise that are not covered by return policies, we highly encourage all Sellers to work with Members to ensure the most positive Member experience and provide a fair resolution to open concerns. More information is available on the basic requirements of a Sears Marketplace return policy in our Sears Marketplace Terms and Conditions. The standard marketplace return policy is available for here. All sellers must follow these policies.

  • Damaged/Defective Product (not buyer’s remorse): a Member notifies their Seller that the product arrived damaged or defective. The Seller has the product in stock and ships a replacement. If the Seller does not have the same product in stock, the Seller can offer the Member an upgraded item in place of the damaged product they received
  • Wrong Sizing/Color (not buyer’s remorse): a Member notifies their Seller that the product arrived and it does not fit or is the wrong color. The Seller has the same product in stock in the size/color that the Member is requesting. The Seller can ship the new product to the Member without having to make any changes to their order.  If the Seller does not have the new size/color in stock, the Seller should initiate the RMA process.

All communication between Members and Sellers and tracking for new items being sent should take place through the encrypted email address. This will capture the offer of a replacement or exchange in the Member’s order to be seen by all front line Member Services Organization agents. As of mid-2017, members and sellers can send and receive attachments. A maximum of three files or 5MB can be attached per message. Supported formats are JPEG, JPG, PNG, and PDF.

Buyer’s remorse versus non-buyer’s remorse

What is considered buyer’s remorse?

If the correct item was delivered with no issue, and a member changes their mind and wants to return to the product for any reason, this is buyer’s remorse. There are various reasons. It may be due to finding the item for a lower price, no longer needing it, or the clothing item not fitting them but was represented correctly on the site. Members are responsible to pay for return shipping in these scenarios.

What is not considered buyer’s remorse?

Any item that is damaged in shipment or not the item the member ordered (color, size, etc). The seller is responsible for paying for the return cost and a full refund must be issued.

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