Order Refunds

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Order Refunds

Steps to issue a full refund

Please follow the steps below to process a full refund on an order.

1) Login to the Seller Portal and navigate to the ‘Orders’ tab .

2) In the search field, enter the PO number and click ‘Go’.

3) Once the order appears on-screen, click on the order number to enter the order details.

4) Once you are in the order, click on the ‘Expand’ link on the ‘Mark as Returned’ section.

5) Click the check box next to any item(s) being returned and then enter the Qty and Return Reason.

6) The refund will be credited back to the customer by Sears with the same method of payment they used for the order.

DO NOT SEND ANY REFUND DIRECTLY TO THE CUSTOMER Sears is not responsible for reimbursing sellers that send payments directly to customers.

7) Once the refund is processed and Sears refunds the customer, you will be debited the amount owed back to Sears from a future payment and receive a Return Goods Claim that reflects this debit.

DO NOT send checks or Credit Memos directly to Sears. Please wait for the amount to be deducted from your payments.

How the refund process works

Sears will refund the customer via the original payment method.

How the seller is billed for the return

A Return Goods Invoice (RGI) will be generated to your account after a refund has been issued. If for example, the customer paid $100 and the commission was $10, your original payment for the item would have been for $90. Sears will debit your seller account $90 for this order.

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